Introducing Tiverton Cares

Tiverton Cares, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization is now officially in existence.  Although Rhode Island has strong charities operating at the state level, we, the founders of Tiverton Cares, perceived a need for a general charity focused on Tiverton and Tiverton alone.   Based on our experience in public service, we found that too often there is a disconnect between those looking to help and those looking for information on where to get help.

There are many Tiverton residents doing great things and their stories are not being told.  Did you know, for instance, that several residents organized volunteer efforts to roof the senior center and insulate the fire station in North Tiverton?  Or that the purchaser of the old Ranger School let our firefighters train in the building before it was demolished?  We believe sharing these stories will encourage even more volunteerism, which is sorely needed in these rough economic times.

Tiverton Cares has a number of events currently underway, including a hat and glove drive, a spaghetti dinner to benefit the library building foundation, and a modest book scholarship to a graduating Tiverton High School senior. We will also be participating in the April litter cleanup and, get ready for spring cleaning, because our annual spring clothes drive is coming up sooner than all the recent snow suggests.

Tiverton Cares’ non-profit and nonpartisan status is the right thing for Tiverton.  After all, community is not just a slogan – we are a small town and we all live in it together. If you have some spare time or spare change to share with others, there is a need and Tiverton Cares can help make the connections.   If you are looking for information on community resources, or you want to do what you can to help, call us at 525-0469 or email us at

Thank You,

Rob and Danielle Coulter

Joy Gilkeson


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